Merchandise is back!

The first merchandise campaign just ended, which means that those of you who ordered your clothes already should receive it soon; it is currently being produced.

If you, for some reason, forgot to order yours, do not worry! We have already launched another two-week campaign, and you can order yours here today!

Get your stuff today! We look forward to seeing many well-dressed WSS students around at Strand in the coming weeks.

The Society

WSS Merch!



Many exciting news ahead from your favourite society!

Firstly, if you didn’t already get your merch, it can be found here.

Memberships (which are free for all of you from the department) can be found here. If you want to participate at the Winter Ball or any other members-only events, it is important that you sign up!

Whatsmore, the WSS is hosting two major events this coming weekend.

The first annual WSS Olympics will be held on Saturday 29th of September and will be a day out with picnic, games and BBQ’s! A lot of people have been asking what exactly the WSS Olympics is. The WSS Olympics is a day out with your friends from the department in Finsbury Park, enjoying the last of the London summer. We will be arranging lots of fun games, but nothing too competitive; egg race, dodgeball and sack race will be among the activities. In other words, you don’t need to be a student-athlete to participate.

In addition, we will be providing BBQ’s, so bring your favourite food and drinks along for a picnic with your WSS pals! It is, of course, possible to join the picnic without participating in the games, however, we believe the games will be loads of fun and encourage you to join them too! The event can be found on Facebook here, if you’re not on there, meet us in Finsbury Park at 2 PM.

The WSS Book Sale will be held in the Great Hall Monday 1st of October at 11 AM-1 PM. This is a great opportunity to buy or sell useful academic books. Everyone is welcome to come, but sellers are asked to only sell academic books.

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See you there!

The Society

Freshers Pub Crawl and Scavenger Hunt

WSS Pub crawl 2018 _ 210918 _ 7 pm _ FridayPhilosophy bar _ the vault _ Knights Templar (2)

Hello everyone!

Freshers Week is approaching, and we want to end it with a bang! On Friday, we will host the first pub crawl of the season. However, it comes with a twist – to know which pub you’re headed to, you will have to answer quizzes and look for clues along the way.

This is a brilliant way of getting to know your new peers in a friendly and fun environment. We will meet at the Strand Campus at 7 PM on Friday (21st of September). The event can be found on Facebook here (be sure to like our page while you’re at it).


Excited to see you all! In the meantime, enjoy freshers week!

The Society


What Merchandise Will You Be Sporting In September?

One of the many things the committee is currently planning is merchandise! Your opinion is valuable to us, and we hope many of you could take a minute to answer this poll on what kind of merch you want us to stock for the upcoming term. The two alternatives with the most votes will be the two options of merchandise that we will offer in September.

We are very excited to see you all in September dressed in the latest War Studies fashion.

The link to the poll can be found here. 

New Committee

Members of the War Studies Society welcomed 6 new committee members at the end of the last term. We are very excited to begin our work and have many exciting ideas and plans for the coming term.

Sasha Cantet was elected President, and have Henning Sønsterud by her side as Vice President. They are both honoured to have been granted the opportunity to continue the good work the previous committee did.

Aahan Upadhyay and Rania Mohiuddin will be taking the positions of Social Secretaries, and have many interesting ideas for new events. Saga Jaubert is the name of the new Treasurer, who will be in charge of overseeing that our finances run smoothly. Julia Thommessen is the new Publicity and Merchandising Officer, ensuring our members are dressed in the latest War Studies fashion.

Thank you for trusting us enough to vote for us. We hope we will run this society in a way that is pleasing to all our members. We are all extremely excited to begin our work and hope to continue the legacy of the committees before us.

Remember to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages!

VOTING is now open

Dear Society Members,

The time has come to elect next year’s committee, the ballot is officially open and will be open until SUNDAY at 23h59.

You must be a registered Society Member on KCLSU to vote. 

Link to the ballot:

Link to Manifestos:–flA1OQDIBuOi3FY73s4VusQmFirTAt6clle8/edit?usp=sharing

Best of luck to all of our candidates,

the 2017-2018 committee

2018-2019 Committee Nominations Open!

The War Studies Society is happy to announce Committee Elections for the 2018-2019 academic year! Being on the War Studies Society committee is a great opportunity to give back to your fellow students, gain organisation skills and have some fun along the way. The positions available are as follows:

-Vice President
-Social Secretary (2 positions)
-Publicity & Merchandising Officer

If you would like to run for a position, please send a short manifesto (200-300 words) to explaining why you are fit for the position, why you want to be on the committee, and any ideas you may have for next year. These manifestos will be due by 23:59 on March 18th and will be posted for the public the following week.

Students can run as an unofficial ‘ticket’ but you are free to vote for anyone.

Eligilibity Requirements: must be a student in the War Studies Department (joint-honours included) this year (2017-2018) AND next year (2018-2019). 

Attached is a document with short descriptions for each position, if you have any other questions regarding them- message or email us. 

Good luck!

WSS Committee

Events for March 2018: Wrapping up a Great Year!

Dear fellow War Studies Society Members:

The time has come for our final line up of events for the academic year

March 13th: Exam review panel for 1st years (rooms TBC) on both IR and War Studies, 2nd-year volunteers will enlighten on how to approach exams and selecting classes.

March 15th: our last pub social for the year! Come to the Knights Templar for our final round of pints with your friends and coursemates

March 18th: Election nominations close

March 23rd: War Studies End of Term Gala

March 25th: Elections begin: vote vote vote!

Check our facebook for each individual event and their respective details.

Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House

Chatham House is currently recruiting for a new position with the Asia-Pacific Programme – Programme Administrator. The Asia-Pacific Programme carries out independent, thought-leading research on critical issues on the Asia-Pacific, exploring the key political, economic and social developments affecting the region. Priority areas include geopolitics and governance; demographics, population and migration; technology and society; conflict, peace and stability; trade, investment and economics; and sustainable and inclusive growth and development. Are you a self-starter, capable, flexible and keen to form an integral part of our team? As a central member of the team at Chatham House your role will be focused on providing communications and administrative support across the Programme.
Closing date:  1 March 2018
For more information and application details, please see  full job description on the website.
Chatham House Careers: