WSS visits Chatham House

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We are proud to announce this year’s visit to Chatham House!

Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is a world-leading policy institute based in London. Its mission is to help governments and societies build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world. It was founded in 1919 by British and American delegates to the Paris Peace Conference, seeking to establish an Anglo-American Institute of foreign affairs to study international problems with a view to preventing future wars.

We will be given a tour and have representatives from the Russia and Eurasia Programme speak to us about Chatham House. Afterwards, we have been invited to attend the event “Moscow Rules”, where Keir Giles of the Russia and Eurasia Programme will be speaking about the importance of understanding Russia’s worldview and need to challenge the West in order to establish relationships with it. More on the event here

Tickets are limited, and we will have a draw to select who will be chosen to participate. Only members will be prioritised, so get your WSS membership if you want a chance to participate.

Tickets to be released soon!!

Wine and Cheese with Dr Malcolm Murfett


Instead of doing our classic Tea and Biscuits, we have the pleasure to invite you all to a Cheese and Wine event with the War Studies Society and Dr Malcolm Murfett, a professor in the Department of War Studies. We will be meeting at Daly’s Wine Bar, located between Strand and Maughan. The society will provide wine and cheese plates. We only have 18 places available, and the tickets can be found here!

How to get published

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE!getting published

The War Studies Society have teamed up with several prominent student publications and one external publisher who will tell us more about how to get your work published! Members of Strife, IR Today, the Shield, Sensus and ‘Analyse Defence’ will be here to give us tips and advice about what they are looking for in an article. This is an opportunity for you to join them and to start getting published!

Strife is a dual format publication comprised of an academic Blog, as well as a peer-reviewed academic Journal. Strife’s thematic focus is ‘conflict’ in all its shapes and forms.

International Relations Today is a blog on current international affairs. The content published focuses on issues relevant today and aims to facilitate discussion of these.

The Shield is a platform for analysis, discussion and debate on defence and security matters.

Sensus is an international student journal on political and social issues. Its publishings are based on a monthly theme, with the aim of covering lesser discussed or under-represented topics.

Analyse Defence is a French platform which publish articles from both professionals and students about defence-related news, often focusing on industry, on new technologies and on market news. They aim to export their website to the U.K. with English based articles.

LOCATION: Bush House South East Wing, 8th floor, activity room D

We look forward to seeing you there!

WSS Panel: Social Media and Propaganda in Contemporary Conflict

We are pleased to announce our final academic event of the season.

We have invited an excellent team of speakers from the department on board to discuss the implications of propaganda and social media in contemporary conflict with us. There will be room for questions after the debate.

The event will take place in room MB4.2, formerly known as Tutu’s.


Dr Peter Busch – Before joining the department in 2004, Dr Busch was a Senior Broadcast Journalist in the News and Current Affairs department of Germany’s public television station ZDF. His research focuses on the role of social media in war reporting, and propaganda and strategic communication from a historical perspective.

Professor David Betz – Professor Betz joined the department immediately after completing his PhD in 2002. His main research interests are insurgency and counterinsurgency, information warfare and cyberwar, propaganda, also civil-military relations and strategy and especially fortifications both historic and contemporary. He is head of the Insurgency Research Group at KCL.

Tickets can be found here!

The Facebook event can be found here!

War Studies Winter Ball


The War Studies Society is delighted to announce the annual War Studies Winter Ball!

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1, so we thought it suitable to have a post-war theme to this year’s gala. Bring out your glittering dresses and dazzling suits, and prepare for jazz and loads of prosecco.

What would the 1920s be without jazz? We will have an exceptional band playing from 9-11pm. Wanna sway your hips like they used to? Two very talented DJs, with more contemporary music, will mix the rest of the night.

Tickets will include a glass of prosecco and 2 drinks.

Early Bird: 19£
Standard: 23£

Still thirsty? Enjoy our £3,5 beers, £4 double spirit and mixer, £3 shots and more!

Tickets will be AVAILABLE SOON on the KCLSU website! Further updates will be posted shortly. Non-War Studies and Non-King’s students are of course welcome as well. Expect the night to be glamorous, jazzy and sparkling. Look forward to being transported into a magical 20s’ world.

Find out more on Facebook.See you there in your fabulous 1920s attire!

This is a +18 event.

WWI Remembrance Week

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The War Studies Society, together with History Society, will be remembering WWI this week by hosting a series of events.

Thursday 8/11

World at War – Sharing Perspectives on WWI

We have invited King’s faculty members to talk about the different countries and regions who participated in the war and share their perspectives with us. The event is taking place in the Great Hall at Strand at 6:30 PM. A drinks reception will follow. The event can be found on Facebook.

Friday 9/11

Student Panel

We invite students from King’s to participate and discuss the following question: Is it fair to say that the First World War ended with the Armistice of November 1918?

This is a great chance to enhance debating and public speaking skills for participants. It is also a brilliant chance to listen to the insights and perspectives of the new generations of historians and scholars students at KCL represent. The event can be found on Facebook.


Merchandise is back!

The first merchandise campaign just ended, which means that those of you who ordered your clothes already should receive it soon; it is currently being produced.

If you, for some reason, forgot to order yours, do not worry! We have already launched another two-week campaign, and you can order yours here today!

Get your stuff today! We look forward to seeing many well-dressed WSS students around at Strand in the coming weeks.

The Society

WSS Merch!


Many exciting news ahead from your favourite society!

Firstly, if you didn’t already get your merch, it can be found here.

Memberships (which are free for all of you from the department) can be found here. If you want to participate at the Winter Ball or any other members-only events, it is important that you sign up!

Whatsmore, the WSS is hosting two major events this coming weekend.

The first annual WSS Olympics will be held on Saturday 29th of September and will be a day out with picnic, games and BBQ’s! A lot of people have been asking what exactly the WSS Olympics is. The WSS Olympics is a day out with your friends from the department in Finsbury Park, enjoying the last of the London summer. We will be arranging lots of fun games, but nothing too competitive; egg race, dodgeball and sack race will be among the activities. In other words, you don’t need to be a student-athlete to participate.

In addition, we will be providing BBQ’s, so bring your favourite food and drinks along for a picnic with your WSS pals! It is, of course, possible to join the picnic without participating in the games, however, we believe the games will be loads of fun and encourage you to join them too! The event can be found on Facebook here, if you’re not on there, meet us in Finsbury Park at 2 PM.

The WSS Book Sale will be held in the Great Hall Monday 1st of October at 11 AM-1 PM. This is a great opportunity to buy or sell useful academic books. Everyone is welcome to come, but sellers are asked to only sell academic books.

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See you there!

The Society