Meet our Committee

Andoni Hormaza, Co-President
Andoni is a final-year International Relations student. He surprisingly loves rainy London, considering he comes from the sunny south of Spain! He is particularly passionate about international law and development studies, with a keen interest in the NGO sector. Outside his degree, society involvement and part-time job, he loves spending time with friends, walking, reading and writing.

Fanny Bonassies, Co-President
Fanny is a 3rd year IR student from Paris. She chose IR because she was very passionate about international solidarity due to her long lasting involvement in a NGO named Docenda. You can find her either in a pub, in the French debating society on Thursday evenings or at the Maughan.
Outside university, she loves travelling with friends and family, and all kinds of sports, especially tennis, fencing, sailing, hiking and skiing. She is passionate about meeting other people, learning from their experiences and giving a room to others to express their thoughts and ideas.

Matti Spåra, Social Secretary
Matti is a penultimate International Relations student. His academic interests range from assessing the evolutions of different international societies to IR theory and transatlantic relations. He has a particular interest in the English School of IR and its place in security studies. Alongside his responsibilities as social secretary, he co-manages the website.

Caroline Skytte Kamper, Social Secretary
Caroline is a 2nd year International Relations student from Denmark. She is particularly interested in the topics of defence and security, as shown by her summer internship at the Danish Atlantic Council.
She is also the Executive Assistant of the Geopolitical Risk Society.
In her spare time Caroline enjoys watching true crime documentaries and knitting (what a match) and functions as the Head of Nordics in the non-profit Project Access, where she helps other international students apply to their dream universities abroad. After a long summer in Denmark, enjoying the bipolar Danish weather and doing shifts at the local pub, she is looking forward to be back in London, where you can find her studying in the Maughan or relaxing at the local Spoons.

Leonardo Morosini, Comms & Merchandising Officer
Leonardo is a second-year International Relations student. He is half Norwegian and a quarter Italian and Peruvian and grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland.
In his free time, he enjoys traveling, listening to techno, and playing tennis. He is an advocate for LGBT rights and is interested in how an understanding of international relations can enable human rights to be implemented, protected, and monitored across the world. He is also interested in pursuing law after his bachelor’s program. He joined the War Studies society because of his wish to gather people in our department together. He hopes to create a fun and inclusive space open to everyone!

Lucas Moon, Treasurer

Lucas is a third-year International Relations student. He chose to study IR because he had always been enthused by the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of global affairs. He felt that IR was an optimal medium through which to explore the interaction between all of these fields, and he has been proven right.
With regards to next year, he is excited about having the opportunity to examine a topic in greater detail through my dissertation. Despite the coronavirus pandemic he also hopes to continue to enjoy the social side of studying at kings!

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