Meet our Committee

Caroline Skytte Kamper


Caroline is a 3rd year International Relations student from Denmark. She has a particular interest in foreign security and defence policies, international criminal justice and the nature of war. In her spare time Caroline enjoys watching true crime documentaries and knitting (what a match), and functions as Head of Nordics in the non-profit Project Access, where she helps other international students apply to their dream universities abroad.

After a long summer in Denmark, enjoying the bipolar Danish weather and doing shifts at the local pub, she looks forward to be back in London, where you can find her studying in the Maughan or relaxing at the local Spoons.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. It is an adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, set during the Greek Heroic Age and a very interesting read. It’s been a while since I picked up a book for pure pleasure, but I’m really enjoying this easy, yet intriguing read!

  • What is the most interesting security issue to study and why?

There are so many! I am currently finishing up as a research assistant on a project researching Chinese and Russian activism in Africa and the nexus with the UN peacekeeping missions. While it might not be the most important, it is definitely a very current issue, merging conflicts of both international law, security and foreign policy.

Matti Spåra


Matti is a third-year BA International Relations student originally from Rovaniemi, Finland. He is interested in Critical Security Studies, International Practice Theory and the English School. Besides his role in the War Studies Society, Matti is the IR Theory Editor of International Relations Today and Commissioning Editor at E-International Relations. He has also worked as a Research Assistant in the European and International Studies Department. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, cycling, and exploring street food markets in London.

As Co-President alongside Caroline Kamper, Matti is committed to strengthening the sense of community among staff and students in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London.

  • What is your favourite book, and why?

I’d say David Campbell’s Writing Security (1998) is probably my favourite academic book. I read it for the first time as part of the Contemporary International Relations Theory module at the beginning of my second year. It had a profound influence on how I understand the world, and it has led me to explore even more interesting books and ideas in Critical Security Studies.

  • What is your favourite War-themed movie?

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, hands down. I guess that qualifies as a War-themed film.

Julie Favoli

Social Secretary and Well-Being Lead

Julie is a 3rd year War Studies student from France. She loves that it’s a course where students come from a variety of backgrounds and countries, although there are still many French people. She also likes having the opportunity to study a region in-depth, with the regional specialisation in 3rd year. Julie loves to work out, listen to music, cook and spend time with her friends and family. And being from the South of France, she loves sunny days!

Julie wanted to join the War Studies Society committee to have the fullest War Studies experience possible. Moreover, she believes that organising events, as well as being well-being lead, is a very stimulating experience that will allow her to learn more about herself and others.

  • What’s your favourite book, and why?

I liked reading Sapiens from Yuval Noah Harari because I discovered a new way of thinking and perceiving things. 

  • If you could go back in time, when would you go and why?

If I could go back in time, I would probably travel back to the 70s and 80s just to be able to go to concerts organised by Supertramp, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Queen, Pink Floyd, the Beatles…

Angie Henon

Social Secretary

Angie is a 2nd Year International Relations student from the South of France.
Don’t get scared if she suddenly starts sending voice messages in Mandarin or get fully red after a glass of wine, it’s only her Chinese roots calling her.
Despite being in IR, Angie loves everything that has to do with art, social sciences, history, books and any outdoor activities you can possibly find. However, she does believe that the War Studies Department provides all the necessary tools for anyone that is interested in understanding the complexity of conflict, diplomacy and security!

Angie believes that communication is the key to everything, and thus, there is no better position within the War Studies Society Committee for her than Social Secretary, as it will allow her to organise inclusive events where students can make friends, explore their capacities and gain useful knowledge.

  • What is your favourite book?

My favourite book is L’Espèce Humaine (the Human Race) by Robert Antelme, an autobiographic book written in prose by Marguerite Duras’ lover. In my opinion it is the most poignant and profound book you can find. It’s truly a hypnotic work that treats the problem of human foundation directly.

  • If you could go back in time, when would you go and why?

I’d probably travel back to Ancient Greece because it’s the start of democracy and rights, and also because Greek Mythology is cool 😀

Ingrid Gnaedig


Ingrid is a 3rd year International Relations student from Paris, France. She loves how broad her course is, as it allows her to study a variety of topics and disciplines. She also likes how international the student body is, as this has meant discovering new cultures, experiences and perspectives. In her free time Ingrid likes to bake, listen to music, go for walks and hang out with friends and loved ones, she has also tried to take up knitting, but with limited success…

Ingrid loves how the War Studies Society provides a variety of opportunities and resources for students. Her admiration for the society and its activities encouraged her to participate in its efforts directly by becoming a member of the committee.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading Invisible Women by Caroline Criado-Perez and The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante, both focus on women but the first focuses on the gender bias in data, while the other is historical fiction.

  • If you could go back in time, when would you go and why?

l would have to say the 1970s for the music and the fashion and I would definitely love to go disco dancing!

Leonardo Engvig Morosini

Merchandising Officer

Leonardo is 3rd year International Relations student from Italy, Norway and Peru. He likes how his course offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Outside of class Leonardo enjoys playing tennis and photography.

Leonardo wanted to continue his role in the War Studies Society as he wanted to play an active role in fostering a sense of community amongst students, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. He likes how the Society provides a relaxed social outlet for students, while also offering engaging, relevant and stimulating academic events and resources.

  • What is the most interesting security issue to study and why?

I think the most interesting security issue is that of gender and sexuality. Reading poststructuralist feminist theory and queer international relations theory, has opened my eyes to how the enforcement of sexual norms enables the assertion of state power.

  • If you could go back in time, when would you go and why?

If I could go back in time, I would go back to the early 2000s, so I could wear Y2K fashion and be part of the Simple Life.

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