South Asia After the 2019 Indian Elections

4th of March, 6:30 PM Join us as Dr Adnan Naseemullah, Dr Louise Tillin, Dr Anastasia Piliavsky, and Dr Thorsten Wojczewski discuss what lies ahead of South Asia after the 2019 Elections in India. With our panellists specialising in a variety of fields ranging from security to anthropology, this event will be highly beneficial inContinue reading “South Asia After the 2019 Indian Elections”

Tea and Biscuits with Dr Christine Cheng

We are pleased to announce this month’s Tea and Biscuits session will be joined by Dr Christine Cheng! Tea and Biscuit are small, exclusive events where we get experts from the department to speak about their research with a selected few students – allowing you to engage in personal discussions with the brilliant scholars fromContinue reading “Tea and Biscuits with Dr Christine Cheng”

Exploring Strategic Communications

Join us for a panel held together with King’s Centre for Strategic Communications, and learn more about the emerging field of strategic communications! Topics like propaganda, public relations and even corporate communications often cause some confusion, however, King’s College is one of the few universities in the world to teach strategic communications (SC) as anContinue reading “Exploring Strategic Communications”

WSS visits Chatham House

We are proud to announce this year’s visit to Chatham House! Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is a world-leading policy institute based in London. Its mission is to help governments and societies build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world. It was founded in 1919 by British and American delegates to theContinue reading “WSS visits Chatham House”

Wine and Cheese with Dr Malcolm Murfett

Instead of doing our classic Tea and Biscuits, we have the pleasure to invite you all to a Cheese and Wine event with the War Studies Society and Dr Malcolm Murfett, a professor in the Department of War Studies. We will be meeting at Daly’s Wine Bar, located between Strand and Maughan. The society willContinue reading “Wine and Cheese with Dr Malcolm Murfett”

How to get published

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE! The War Studies Society have teamed up with several prominent student publications and one external publisher who will tell us more about how to get your work published! Members of Strife, IR Today, the Shield, Sensus and ‘Analyse Defence’ will be here to give us tips and advice about what they areContinue reading “How to get published”

WSS Panel: Social Media and Propaganda in Contemporary Conflict

We are pleased to announce our final academic event of the season. We have invited an excellent team of speakers from the department on board to discuss the implications of propaganda and social media in contemporary conflict with us. There will be room for questions after the debate. The event will take place in roomContinue reading “WSS Panel: Social Media and Propaganda in Contemporary Conflict”