LSE Grimshaw + KCL War Studies Soc = <3


Due to popular demand, we are back with another KCL WSS x LSE Grimshaw joint pub social!

In fact, if you were present at the last social a few weeks ago, you you would remember how crowded it eventually became, with such massive turn out. Therefore, we are delighted come together again to host a second joint social; and this time round, we’ve booked out the entire basement for you guys.

So come along for a beer (or two) to conclude your strenuous Wednesday in some good company. Or for those who are dedicated attendees of sports night: firstly, c’mon- that’s EVERY Wednesday, we all know you’re getting bored of the excessive sweating, but secondly, GREAT thing our social starts at 6.30pm! You have no excuse- GO TO BOTH.

Oh and Pendrell’s Oak has requested for us to BRING OUR IDs this time. Please DON’T FORGET

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