How to get published

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE!getting published

The War Studies Society have teamed up with several prominent student publications and one external publisher who will tell us more about how to get your work published! Members of Strife, IR Today, the Shield, Sensus and ‘Analyse Defence’ will be here to give us tips and advice about what they are looking for in an article. This is an opportunity for you to join them and to start getting published!

Strife is a dual format publication comprised of an academic Blog, as well as a peer-reviewed academic Journal. Strife’s thematic focus is ‘conflict’ in all its shapes and forms.

International Relations Today is a blog on current international affairs. The content published focuses on issues relevant today and aims to facilitate discussion of these.

The Shield is a platform for analysis, discussion and debate on defence and security matters.

Sensus is an international student journal on political and social issues. Its publishings are based on a monthly theme, with the aim of covering lesser discussed or under-represented topics.

Analyse Defence is a French platform which publish articles from both professionals and students about defence-related news, often focusing on industry, on new technologies and on market news. They aim to export their website to the U.K. with English based articles.

LOCATION: Bush House South East Wing, 8th floor, activity room D

We look forward to seeing you there!


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