Many exciting news ahead from your favourite society!

Firstly, if you didn’t already get your merch, it can be found here.

Memberships (which are free for all of you from the department) can be found here. If you want to participate at the Winter Ball or any other members-only events, it is important that you sign up!

Whatsmore, the WSS is hosting two major events this coming weekend.

The first annual WSS Olympics will be held on Saturday 29th of September and will be a day out with picnic, games and BBQ’s! A lot of people have been asking what exactly the WSS Olympics is. The WSS Olympics is a day out with your friends from the department in Finsbury Park, enjoying the last of the London summer. We will be arranging lots of fun games, but nothing too competitive; egg race, dodgeball and sack race will be among the activities. In other words, you don’t need to be a student-athlete to participate.

In addition, we will be providing BBQ’s, so bring your favourite food and drinks along for a picnic with your WSS pals! It is, of course, possible to join the picnic without participating in the games, however, we believe the games will be loads of fun and encourage you to join them too! The event can be found on Facebook here, if you’re not on there, meet us in Finsbury Park at 2 PM.

The WSS Book Sale will be held in the Great Hall Monday 1st of October at 11 AM-1 PM. This is a great opportunity to buy or sell useful academic books. Everyone is welcome to come, but sellers are asked to only sell academic books.

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See you there!

The Society

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