New Committee

Members of the War Studies Society welcomed 6 new committee members at the end of the last term. We are very excited to begin our work and have many exciting ideas and plans for the coming term.

Sasha Cantet was elected President, and have Henning Sønsterud by her side as Vice President. They are both honoured to have been granted the opportunity to continue the good work the previous committee did.

Aahan Upadhyay and Rania Mohiuddin will be taking the positions of Social Secretaries, and have many interesting ideas for new events. Saga Jaubert is the name of the new Treasurer, who will be in charge of overseeing that our finances run smoothly. Julia Thommessen is the new Publicity and Merchandising Officer, ensuring our members are dressed in the latest War Studies fashion.

Thank you for trusting us enough to vote for us. We hope we will run this society in a way that is pleasing to all our members. We are all extremely excited to begin our work and hope to continue the legacy of the committees before us.

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