Tea & Biscuits 1: Dr. Walter Ladwig


We are pleased to announce a series of events called ‘Tea and Biscuits with…’. These are small, exclusive events with experts from the department, allowing selected groups of students to engage in a personal discussion about research. This session with Dr Walter Ladwig is the first event in the series.

To apply for a place at this event, fill in the form on the registration link, below, before midnight on 19th of October. We will randomly select 8 students to attend and will notify the lucky people on the 20th of October along with information about the location.

To be eligible you must be taking at least one module in the War Studies Department. These sessions are usually in extremely high demand, so make sure to apply in a timely fashion! If you apply and can no longer attend, please do let us know as soon as possible.

Dr Ladwig’s research interests include:
– U.S. Foreign Policy
– India’s emergence as a great power
– Intra-state conflict
– Security Issues in South-Eastern Asia

Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/W6ssmbpkj3g2NMPG3

To learn more about Dr. Ladwig’s research click here:




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